Cox in your community

Since our founding in 1962, we have always been more than just a business – we are an active member of each of the local communities we serve.

We take our social responsibility very seriously and are committed to creating positive change. While some of our programs are national in nature, many more are developed to serve the unique needs of the individual communities we serve. This commitment is an important part of the Cox culture at all levels.

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Cox is committed to closing the digital divide. Since 2012, through the Connect2Compete program, Cox has provided discounted internet service to low-income families of K-12 children in our communities. To date, more than 500,000 people have been connected to the internet via the Connect2Compete program—most of them for the very first time.

In a recent C2C customer survey, 61% of customers shared they never had internet before. Respondents also believe C2C improves parent and teacher communication (95%), boosts graduation rates (91%), and helps students earn higher grades (89%).

With Connect2Compete, we are helping to make a difference in lives of students in our communities. If you know a family who might be eligible, visit or call 855-825-1466.

Cox Digital Academy

The Cox Digital Academy is a natural extension of our Connect2Compete program that better equips children and parents to maximize the power of those connections with online tools.  Access is an important first step, but digital literacy must be maximized to ensure that we close the digital divide for children and enable them to compete in the modern marketplace. Designed with the entire family in mind, the Cox Digital Academy is your home for computer literacy tips, educational videos and tutorials.

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