Frequently asked questions

How do you decide which Networks to offer?

Our goal is to provide the most value to all of our customers. The mix of Networks that we select is based on the following factors: cost, viewership, network packages and Network bundling.

Why do Networks take their signals away from us?

When public disputes or blackouts happen, it’s because we wouldn’t agree to the Network’s demands. TV Networks know they can pass costs onto cable companies like us and ultimately to you, our customers. If we can’t agree, THEY may choose to take the channel off of your lineup. We don’t think that’s fair. We know this can be frustrating but know that we’re always fighting hard to keep your costs at a reasonable price.

What is “Retransmission Consent”?

Retransmission Consent is a law that requires all TV providers to obtain permission to carry local stations, such as ABC, CBS and NBC for a fee. If an agreement can’t be reached, the local stations can pull their signal from you.

Can’t you just agree to pay Networks what they’re asking for, so I don’t have to miss my favorite shows?

We are committed to keeping our customers connected to what they care about most while ensuring you receive great value from our services. We are willing to pay fair prices for these Networks but know that we’re always fighting hard to keep your costs at a reasonable price.

Can I still watch shows if they’re temporarily unavailable on my line-up?

Every local station is available free over-the-air. Digital TVs, or TVs equipped with a broadcast converter box, can tune directly to these signals when paired with an inexpensive antenna. Most stations also stream their local newscasts on their sites. And if they are affiliated with a major Network such as ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC, most series are available free online, often with little delay.

We will provide you with other ways to watch your favorite shows if there’s a blackout.  And most shows will be available to catch up OnDemand once the Network has been returned to your lineup.

What’s the difference between a blackout and the removal of a Network?

Network blackouts are usually temporary and are created by the Network trying to pressure us to pay more.

When a Network is removed from our lineup, it’s usually because it’s not watched by a lot of people or the Network is demanding too much money for the number of people watching it.

Should I just switch to another provider?

We’d like you to stay because most blackouts are over quickly. Also, blackouts don’t only affect us, they affect every provider.  In 2018 there were more than 153 stations that pulled their signal from customers, so even if you switch you’ll likely still face blackouts.