Why disputes happen

Why are there so many disputes?

Networks have become more willing to blackout their signals when TV providers aren’t willing to meet their demands.

We negotiate dozens of network agreements each year, the majority of which you never hear about. When public disputes or blackouts happen, it’s because we wouldn’t agree to the network’s demands.

When disputes happen, we know it can be frustrating but know that we’re always fighting on behalf of our customers.  We are committed to keeping you connected to what you care about most while providing the most value from all of our services.

Growth in station blackouts

Station blackouts are on the rise, growing from only 8 in 2010 to 230 so far this year.

Source: American Television Alliance

Watch this short video with more information about broadcast retransmission.

Dispute lingo

Here’s a simple glossary of the key phrases you are very likely to hear from local TV stations and
other channels when they attempt to force you into the middle of negotiations.

What you’ll hear

What it actually means

“You’re going to lose your favorite shows”

Your favorites aren’t going anywhere unless the Network pulls their signal because we couldn’t agree to the price that you’ll have to pay. The law prevents us from removing any ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC or other broadcast station that wants to be on our lineup. We love great TV, too, but we don’t think that’s fair. Know that we’re always fighting hard to keep your costs at a reasonable price. Plus, there are often other ways to watch these shows and we’ll help you find them if a network pulls their signal.

“Cox is the only one disagreeing”

While we may be the only TV provider negotiating with a Network at this time, every provider at some point has to negotiate with the same networks on the price you’ll have to pay. So you may see this Network in a dispute with other providers at another time.

“All we want is fair market value”

TV networks are spending more and more each year on content and they want you to pay for it. We want to protect our customers and we believe in our responsibility to always deliver the very best value for you.

“You need to call Cox”

Though we always welcome your feedback, Networks use this as a tactic to try to force us into a deal that could be bad for you. Know that you can always find the latest information on any dispute on this site.

“Switch to another provider now”

Remember that every TV provider goes through the same challenges. If they haven’t already, other providers will soon be facing the same challenge of negotiating with the same Network.